Gazing on the Risen Christ

Daily Reading for May 8 • The Third Sunday of Easter

And when we by His special grace plainly gaze upon Him,

seeing no other,

then we need to follow Him

and He draws us into Him by Love.

Then I saw that His constant working in all manner of things

is done so well,

so wisely,

and so powerfully

that it surpasses our imagining,

and all that we can suppose and comprehend.

And then we can do nothing more than to gaze at Him

and rejoice with a high mighty desire to be wholly

one-ed to Him,

and to pay attention to His prompting,

and rejoice in His loving,

and delight in His goodness.

Then shall we, with His sweet grace, in our humble constant prayer, come unto Him now in this life by many secret touchings of sweet spiritual sights and experiences, meted out to us as our simplicity can bear it.

From A Lesson of Love: The Revelations of Julian of Norwich, edited and translated for devotional use by Father John-Julian, OJN (Walker and Company, 1988).

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