GC committee says time to sell 815

UPDATE: House of Deputies votes Yes – sell the building but does not give time frame.

Lauren Stanley reports for Center Aisle:

The Committee on Structure cut to the chase this morning, editing D016 down from eight resolutions to one:

Sell the Episcopal Church headquarters at 815 Second Avenue before the 78th General Convention.

Structure was clear: No more talking about it. No more studies. Just do it.

The action came as a result of discussion about the open hearing Structure held Thursday night, where 40 people repeatedly called for massive and quick change in the Church.

The Rev. David Knight of Mississippi summed up the emotions and thoughts of many on Thursday night when he said, “I have seen what the Church can do when we are nimble. We were far better than FEMA or even the Red Cross [after Hurricane Katrina]. Resolutions from 45 dioceses support this idea. Thousands of Episcopalians agree. The people in the pews have spoken, and they are waiting for us. … I believe we can do this because I have seen it.”

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