Get Credibility

Get Religion is a blog that covers and critiques the mainstream media’s coverage of religion. Some days, I pick up valuable perspective when I visit. On other days, I am reminded that the site is bankrolled by Howard “Stoney” Ahmanson. Today’s visit fell into the second category.

An entry on the multi-colored vestments that Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori wore at her investiture passes on an allegation–that Bishop Gene Robinson left his wife for a man–that has by now been so thoroughly discredited that publishing it constitutes either reckless disregard for the truth, or a level ignorance about the issue that ought to disqualify one as a commentator.

The same posting also states that our new PB doesn’t think that Jesus is “necessary” for salvation. I’ve discussed this peculiar notion one item downblog. On the complex issue of soteriology, the folks who claim to “get” religion are trafficking in analysis too shallow to wet your toenails.

Note too that the item is illustrated by a photograph of a stole that Bishop Jefferts Schori never wore, a stole that the GR people don’t know if she ever would wear. Some days GR criticizes the press, today it is engaging in the tactics it normally deplores.

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