Ghostbusters go to church

An Episcopal parish in Staten Island has been the site of some ghostly investigations according to news reports. St. Andrew’s on Staten Island allowed a organization to come in to look for evidence of “paranormal” activity and the report of the investigations is to be released just in time of Halloween.

From an article in the NY Daily News:

“The ghost busters, who are based in Staten Island, requested a probe last year after hearing about strange goings-on at the church and asked to do a second investigation last week, according to Delaney.

Their last findings were convincing, he said.

A DVD of what they taped during their night at the church showed heavy chimes that are difficult to move ringing on their own.

‘All of a sudden the chimes were ringing. The candle over the tabernacle was dancing like there was a major wind. But there was no wind. And we heard what sounded like a tin dish hitting the floor,’ recalled Delaney [the rector of St. Andrew’s].”

Read the full article here.

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