Glad tidings of salvation

Daily Reading for February 11 • Frances Jane (Fanny) Van Alstyne Crosby, Hymnwriter, 1915

How lovely on the mountain,

The feet of those who bring

Glad tidings of salvation,

Thro’ Zion’s glorious King;

Behold, of God anointed,

He comes with pow’r and might,

O regions veiled in darkness,

To pour celestial light.

Lift up thy head, O captive,

And let thy mournings cease;

The hand of mercy waveth

The olive branch of peace.

Lift up thy head, O captive,

For thou, in Christ, shalt find,

A healing balm of comfort,

The broken heart to bind.

O every one that thirsteth

The crystal water see;

To all who will receive it,

The fount of life is free.

Let every one who heareth

Obey the gracious call;

Come, without price, or money,

The Lord has paid for all.

“How Lovely on the Mountain” by Fanny Crosby; found at

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