Global South developing a catechism

From the Global South Anglican website:

The Global South Anglican Theological Formation and Education Task Force submitted their Interim Report to the Global South Primates Steering Committee on 6 January 2008.

We commend the Interim Report for careful study and feedback.

Read the ACIO Interim Report (PDF) here

The entire post is here.

If you’ve not seen them, you might want to take a look at two other items that have emerged in recent weeks from the Global South.

Stephen Noll, The Global Anglican Communion and the Anglican Orthodoxy, written for the GAFCON Theology Resources Team.

Peter Akinola, writes a pastoral letter on a revised Book of Common Prayer for the Church of Nigeria.

Adrian Worsfold speaks about the first here. Mark Harris has provided analyses of the first of these here and the second here.

We hope these two gentlemen take a look at the catechism as well.

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