God meets everyone who walks

Daily Reading for June 10 • Ephrem of Edessa, Syria, Deacon, 373

There is One Being, who knows Himself and sees Himself.

He is like the sea, in that all creation moves in Him.

As the waters beset the fish in all their movements,

The Creator is clad with everything which is made,

Both great and small.

And as the fish are hidden in the water,

There is hidden in God height and depth, far and near,

And the inhabitants thereof.

And as the water meets the fishes everywhere it goes,

So God meets everyone who walks.

And as the water touches the fish at every turn it makes,

God accompanies and sees every man in all his deeds.

He is diffused through the air,

And with thy breath enters into thy midst.

He is mingled with the light,

And enters, when thou seest, into thy eyes.

He is mingled with thy spirit,

And examines thee from within, as to what thou art.

In thy soul He dwells,

And nothing which is in thy heart is hid from Him.

As the mind precedes the body in every place,

So He examines thy soul before thou dost examine it.

And as the thought greatly precedes the deed,

So His thought knows beforehand what thou wilt plan.

Compared with His impalpability,

Thy soul is body and thy spirit flesh.

Soul of thy soul,

Spirit of thy spirit,

Is He who created thee,

Far from all,

And mingled with all,

And manifest above all,

A great wonder and a hidden marvel unfathomable.

From Hymn against Bar-Daisan by Ephrem the Syrian, translated by A. S. Duncan Jones, 1904; from India Office Ethiopian and Syrian Library No. 9. Found at http://www.monachos.net/content/patristics/patristictexts/156-ephrem-daisan

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