Going Nuclear: young evangelicals and politics

This week marks the public launch of the Two Futures Project, a new movement of Christians, led by younger Evangelicals, for the global abolition of nuclear weapons. The Washington Post On Faith Guest Voices reports on how younger evangelicals are redefining what issues matter to them and becoming involved in change.

The story of the “broadening evangelical agenda”– evangelicals’ political engagement with issues such as climate change, poverty and HIV/AIDS – reached a new level of visibility in 2006 with the devastating mid-term losses by Congressional Republicans, even in blood-red districts. President Obama’s doubling of John Kerry’s support among young Evangelicals in 2008 indicated that politics were truly changing in the heart of Jesusland.

Now, the broadening Evangelical agenda narrative is winding to a close, and another phenomenon–seemingly similar and yet critically different–is rising to take its place: the maturation of the first generation of Evangelicals with no memory of the culture wars of the 1960s and 1970s, and no inclination to fight those battles.

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