Good bye, a little

Hi all,

Among the things I enjoyed most about covering baseball in New York in the mid-80s was getting on the subway in the morning and seeing people absorbed in my story about the Mets’ game of the previous night. There is something gratifying about being part of the daily life of people whom you don’t know and may never speak to. It has to do with pride, I suppose, but in a deeper way, with shared experience—communion.

I’ve felt that same pleasure working on Daily Episcopalian, and, as the nature of my involvement in the blog is about to change, I wanted to thank everyone who visited the site, and corresponded with me. Our new site may be online as early as tomorrow and almost certainly by Monday, and I didn’t want you to show up at this address and think I had left without saying goodbye.

While I am deeply involved in the new site, I won’t be writing nearly as much, so our interactions will be more limited. Please keep coming back, though. We’ve got good stuff in store, and I’ve got people I want you to meet.



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