Good Friday: Lebanon Bombing


“The 2006 Lebanon War is the motivation of this work.

“The conflict killed more than a thousand people, most of who were Lebanese, and displaced approximately 1.4 million people. Although most of the displaced were able to return to their homes, parts of Southern Lebanon remain uninhabitable due to unexploded cluster bombs.

“The image shows a result of this war: a Lebanese man stands amidst the devastation of his community, destruction is everywhere.

“Warfare is a recapitulation of the Christ’s passion. Those who die as a result of warfare share in the death of Christ on the cross. The solution to warfare is found in the words of Christ from the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Forgiveness is breathed over the whole creation on Good Friday, may forgiveness blow through the hearts and minds of those who wage war.”

– The Rev. Paul Fromberg

On View: Good Friday : Lebanon Bombing, by The Rev. Paul Fromberg, Photoshop, 2006, 2251 pix x 1500 pix.

As Seen In: Feasts for the Eyes, an exhibition of Episcopal Church and Visual Arts. Judith McManis, curator.

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