Grace Callwood heals the sick

Grace Callwood, a nine year old cancer survivor from Bel Air, Maryland, is inspiring many other children and adults through We Cancerve:

When she first began receiving chemo in 2011, Grace put on a lot of weight and was unable to wear her brand new back-to-school clothes. When the little girl discovered that a homeless family in her neighborhood had two young girls of her own age, she decided to give them her clothes.

And from that first simple act of charity, We Cancerve was born.

Grace and her board members have used simple solutions to try to create change in her community. They raised $600 through a lemonade stand, splitting the money between the hospital where Grace received treatment and a foundation that brightens the lives of kids with cancer. They’ve also collected toys, clothes, and beauty supplies for youth who are living in a local shelter.

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