Grace, Variously Explained


Full of Grace

An Exhibition for Advent 2009

Moses Hoskins, Curator

Diane Walker, ECVA Exhibitions Director

C. Robin Janning, ECVA Communication Director, Exhibit Design


Featuring the work of Dick Adams, Roger M. Beattie, Edward Beckett, Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, Betty Clarke, Ferris Cook, Marilyn Dale, Gerard Di Falco, Phoebe Farris, Terrence Fine, Chuck + Peg Hoffman, Margaret A. W. Ingram, C. Robin Janning, Roberta Karstetter, Mary Melikian, Mary Jane Miller, Joseph Neiman, Elizabeth Porter, Robin Rule, Suzanne Schleck, Rara Schlitt, Howard Schroeder, Amy Bright Unfried, and Vanessa Wells.

View the exhibition online here.

On View: Bubbles by Kathy Bozzuti-Jones. Learn more about artist Kathy Bozzuti-Jones in her artist profile at The Artist Registry @ ECVA.

On the Homepage: work by Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, Betty Clarke and Marilyn Dale.

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