Tripp Hudgins, who blogs and tweets as AngloBaptist, has written an article called @SeaburyNext and the #Great Awakening of seminary education about an event sponsored this weekend by Seabury Western Seminary and the Diocese of Chicago that featured presentations by Bishop Jeff Lee, Diana Butler Bass and Brian McLaren.

The article relies heavily on the stream of live tweets I composed while the event was in progress. (Seabury and the diocese are clients of my communications firm.) So some of the reporting is mine, but the insights and enthusiasm belong entirely to Tripp.

Seabury is on the move. The Diocese of Chicago is on the move. We have a choice…we can pretend that everything is the same, that nothing has changed in the culture, that we are just the same country as we were in 1950 and find ourselves underwater and surprised, or we can practice rigorous honesty. We can seek the seekers and join the journey with all the gifts at our disposal. Arise and shine…We have God’s love and light. We all do.

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