Griswold wore mitre at Southwark

Ordinarily it would not be news that in 2006 the Most Rev. Frank Griswold, then presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church USA wore his mitre at Southwark Cathedral. But these are not ordinary times.

In 2010 the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori was told by Lambath Palace not to cover her hair at Southwark (picture here).

H/T Neel Smith.

In 2005 Thinking Anglicans posted an item on gender and discrimination from the Q&A session of CoE General Synod. This statement by Professor David McClean, Chairman of the Legal Advisory Commission, caught my eye:

As I reported to the Synod in answer to Questions last July, the Commission has considered the effect in England of acts of women bishops of other provinces of the Anglican Communion. Its Opinion is available on the Church of England website.

Provided that the various acts of ordination and consecration in Mrs Rees’s question all took place in Provinces of the Anglican Communion outside the British Isles, the case she describes is a variant of those in paragraph 29 of the Opinion. It comes within the principle set out in the Opinion, that the validity of ordinations is a matter of the canon law of the Province in which they take place. Assuming the ordinations are valid on that basis, those ordained in the circumstances Mrs Rees describes could apply for permission under the [Overseas and Other Clergy (Ministry and Ordination) Measure 1967 ]. Whether permission is granted is a matter for the Archbishop’s discretion.

Emphasis added. Go to TA’s post for further links.

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