GTS faculty on strike

Most of the faculty of the General Theological Seminary in New York, citing an unnamed “serious conflict” have decided to refrain from “teaching, attending meetings, or attending common worship” until the situation is resolved with the Board of Trustees.

The following e-mail was sent to the student body:

Dear students,

We have a serious conflict which we are seeking to resolve and are taking to the Board of Trustees. Until they respond we will not be teaching, attending meetings, or attending common worship. Please be assured that we have not taken these steps hastily or lightly. Trust that we have acted in what we believe to be the best interests of your formation, our common life and the future of General Seminary. We hold you in the highest regard. Please pray for us, the Board, and the Dean and President.


Professor Davis

Professor DeChamplain

Professor Good

Professor Hurd

Professor Irving

Professor Kadel

Professor Lamborn

Professor Malloy

A follow up e-mail went from one member of the faculty, Dr. Clair MacPherson, saying that he would both teach his classes and attend chapel. He did not comment on the content of the conflict or his view of the issues involved.

At this time there have no other communications either from the faculty or administration of the Seminary.

The Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle was installed as Dean and President a year ago. A 2004 GTS graduate, his background has been in parish ministry and, before seminary, public policy law.

Correction: An earlier version mis-stated Dean Dunkle’s graduation date from GTS.

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