Guide to General Convention

Updated. A version of Episcopal Life’s Guide to General Convention and all the major documents a deputy or General Convention junkie could ever need are all available on-line.

The e-Life Convention Guide can be found here. Once opened through a web-browser, it can be downloaded and used offline.

Nick Knisely, Dean of Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix and Cafe contributor, points to these on-line resources over at Entangled States:

It turns out that pretty much all the big publications that deputies will need access to on the floor can be downloaded to be stored on a computer. The Blue Book and the Bishop’s and Deputies Handbooks are online from the General Convention website. The Report of the Church Pension Group, with the additional information about the proposed resolutions to this coming Convention are found on the website here.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the proposed budget here.

And the latest version of the draft schedule appears to be posted here.

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