Guiding Children Through Religion

Thoughtful dialogue on NPR’s Tell Me More

Some parents feel responsible to shape their children’s religious foundations while others prefer to let kids explore faith for themselves.

Host Michel Martin explores the complications of spiritual parenting with Asra Nomani, professor of journalism at Georgetown University; Kara Powell, author of Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids; and Regina Brett, author of God Never Blinks.

Read the transcript or listen to the show here.

A standout moment comes from Regina Brett:

I think the number one thing for me is I’ve learned God is love and where is the love in this. And everything that happens in life where is the love in this, where is that as the directional compass point. And one thing too is let your children teach you about God. You know, I think we think sometimes we’re the ones that teach them about God. But in some ways they’re so fresh and so direct from that source that maybe they’re here to show us who God is and what God is.

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