Half-Light & Silence


Half-Light & Silence

Painting from the soul makes use of these elements, these

half-lights and silences. In and through and under the

paint, above and beyond the tools there is a communion. A

coming to the table, where we offer our work, in faith and

hope and most of all love. In half-light we greet the

shadow that guides disappointment along a path to

redemption. Witnessing the silent passing of a rose into

dust, we learn that beauty lies not only in the rose, but

also in the dust. We prepare the gifts we offer, and we

receive them back again, in half-lights and silences.

– by C. Robin Janning

On View: Half-Light & Silence by C. Robin Janning.

C. Robin Janning is an abstract painter in the Diocese of Michigan. She serves as Deputy Director of Communications for ecva.org.

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