Hang out your laundry to help the planet

With summer on the horizon in the northern hemisphere the Church of England’s Environmental Adviser, David Shreeve, is calling for households to switch off their dryers, and, instead, dry their clothes on good, old-fashioned clothes lines. Reported in Christian Today:

He makes the environment-friendly plea in the latest edition of ‘People and Places’, a podcast series profiling a wide range of people who work in today’s Church of England.

When prompted for practical energy-saving advice that anyone could employ, he replies: “I think my tip would be for everybody to make sure if they don’t have any to go out and buy some clothes pegs – because I think more and more we should use the benefits of the environment, and I do think tumble-dryers should be turned off and a lot more clothes put out in the sunshine to dry, and that would save an awful lot of energy.”

Church of England website Shrinking the Footprint is here.

Podcasts are here and also available at iTunes.

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