Harmon’s departure from orthodoxy attacked

Kendall Harmon recently said, “She [Gov. Palin] has much to offer but she is not ready to take on this assignment. She lacks the credentials – at this time – to be in this position. This is too much too soon.”

For this his orthodoxy was questioned here, here, and here.

Harmon ended the comment thread, writing: “This thread is not proving productive nor is it a good witness. I will continue to take comments by email only at ….”

He selected two emails for posting. One wrote, “On a more general note, these days I usually pause several times before posting on Titus because it would appear that on…[some] of the threads there is rightist determination to pounce on anything that is considered not to be towing their particular party line “. Another said, “It’s just awful to see such terrible departures from civility amongst Christians, much less than a complete flight from the deeper Christian virtues of gentleness, tenderness, charity, humility, and forgiveness. It must have been miserable for you. And certainly as you say it isn’t a good witness to the outside world.”

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