Harmony is still achievable in spite of differences

As the Episcopal Church approaches the beginning of its triennial General Convention in a little more than a week, tensions are running high among those in the leadership. Thankfully, they’re not the only folks in the Church.

There’s a lovely and hopeful article today that reminds all of us that even in the midst of controversy, the Episcopal Church still can manage to bridge divides between people of passionate belief:

“[I]n most Episcopal parishes throughout the Inland area, the divisions over homosexuality rarely come up in conversation, priests and parishioners said. Theologically conservative and liberal members worship and volunteer side by side, disagreeing on issues such as gay bishops but united by the combination of a Catholic liturgical tradition and a Protestant belief in letting non-clergy interpret the Bible.

‘That’s what the Anglican church is all about: Being able to respectfully disagree and still be in communion,’ said the Rev. David Starr, vicar of St. John’s Episcopal Church in San Bernardino.”

Read the full article here.

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