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Working under severe space constraints, headline writers sometimes distort a story by oversimplifying it. In other instances, these same constraints induce the writer to reduce a story to its poetic essence. Whatever your opinion of the headlines below, keep in mind that they are drawn from a variety of publications. For that reason, I think they give us a good sense of how Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s presentation yesterday was interpreted by people outside of the Church. (Meaning 99 percent of the country.)

Episcopalians told to back off support for gays

Gay issue can wait, Episcopal bishop asserts

Don’t support gays for now, Episcopal bishop says

Episcopal leader asks for letup of gay support

Episcopal bishop asks for less gay inclusion

Episcopal leader asks members to make concessions on gays

There were also headlines that said Bishop Jefferts Schori had asked for “calm,” or sought “compromise.” But we shouldn’t kid ourselves about the perception being created as we consider our course.

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