Headline: What the Episcopal Church’s position on gay marriage can teach us about the middle ground

The C-Ville Weekly in Charlottesville, VA takes a look at the diversity, perspectives and ministries of Christ Church, Trinity and St. Paul’s Memorial in Charlottesville and their positions on gays. An excerpt,

The theological divide is evident here. Traditional congregations that sprang up in the wake of earlier battles over liturgy and practice have seen some new members join from the ranks of disaffected Episcopalians. But of the 14 Episcopal parishes in Charlottesville and Albemarle, an area with a history deeply enmeshed with the history of the church, not one broke away. As the rest of the country grapples over the right of gays to marry, and the larger religious community that gave rise to the Episcopal Church continues to fight and split, what can the city’s patchwork of Episcopal parishes tell us about a big-tent approach to compromise?

A well-researched article.

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