Help Matt’s Trees

Grandmere Mimi has called our attention to a deeply moving story, and challenged us to do something about it.

You can read about Matt Sloan, an Episcopal volunteer who helped clean up New Orleans after Hurrican Katrina, and Matt’s Trees at the New Orelans Times-Picayune. You can learn more by watching the video below.

Heard enough? Okay, then here is the pitch from Mimi, who wants us to help her replant native landscaping lost to Hurrican Katrina:


Landscape 100 renovated homes with native trees and plants.

Restore 30 city blocks of “streetscape” by installing native trees.

Recruit and educate 600 volunteers from church and school groups.

Establish a presence in New Orleans for continuation of this effort.

The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana and Hike for KaTREEna will partner with Matt’s Trees in the project.

I asked you, my readers, to vote for Jericho Road, a community organization sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana in the contest to win fruit trees for planting in community gardens in vacant lots in New Orleans, and you did, and you helped Jericho Road to win.

Now, once again, I ask you to vote for Matt’s Trees in a contest to win $50,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project. As of now, Matt’s Trees is far behind in the vote, but we can help them catch up and move ahead. The voting ends on December 31, so please vote today and once a day, every day, until the vote ends. We did it once; let’s do it again!

Donate to Matt’s Trees here.

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