Here Comes Everybody

One of our very own parishes, the Church of the Epiphany near Metro Center in downtown DC, is among the congregations featured in the Web cast Here Comes Everybody, from Trinity Church, Wall Street, tonight at 8 p. m.

You can watch it here.

Here’s your TV Guide type blurb:

Three prominent advocates for progressive discipleship gather for a discussion on how to build new kinds of Christian communities. This telecast is for lay and clergy leaders who want to learn how to strengthen their faith communities through the renewal of basic practices such as hospitality, discernment of the church’s calling, personal testimony, observing the Sabbath, and open conversation.

And here’s our hometown pitch:

One of the three advocates is Diana Butler Bass, a parishioner at Epiphany and senior research fellow and director of the Project on Congregations of Intentional Practice at Virginia Theological Seminary. If you are even remotely involved in attempting to build up your congregation’s membership, its spiritual offerings or it social outreach programs, you will be interested in Diana’s book Practicing Congregations and her Web site.

You can learn more about Epiphany here, and you can watch a lovely little film clip about their Sunday morning Eucharist and feeding for the homeless by visiting here and clicking on Part 2.

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