Holy Ground: flash mob worship

Flash mob guerilla worship is featured at The Times, UK in an article by Ruth Gledhill.

This is thought to be the first time ‘flash mob’ has been used to generate a ‘random’ act of Christian worship. It took place [April 4], Saturday, at Liverpool One Shopping Centre.

On the dream – re-imagining worship website, some of those involved have posted an explanation:

‘We began scattered among the shoppers. At the signal, we all stopped and took off our shoes … an ancient sign that this is “holy ground”. God lives in shopping malls as well as churches! We then made out way to the park at the centre of the mall where we sat together to form a cross … and prayed silently for a few minutes. We remembered Easter and the cross. We prayed for the current economic situation … for those who have lost jobs … and for God’s blessing on our city … we prayed for hope.’

See the video of the worship below. Is this something you would try?

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