“Homeless Jesus” finds a home

The sculpture “Homeless Jesus” has been installed at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Grand Haven Tribune:

The small group of St. John’s Episcopal Church staff and parishioners who gathered outside the church Wednesday stood in silence and commented quietly about the life-size bronze “Homeless Jesus” statue created by Timothy P. Schmalz.

Parishioners Doreen Wegener and Nancy Powell watched the statue being unveiled. Wegener said it’s something they wanted to be part of their church, and they’re looking forward to sharing it with Grand Haven residents and visitors.

“It’s a statement,” Powell added.

The 500-pound statue now sits in front of the church along Washington Avenue. The statue and accompanying plaque will be dedicated to the efforts started by the Rev. Henry Idema, who was the church’s 31st rector at the church.

It will be blessed following church services on Sunday, April 27.

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