“Homeless Jesus” finds home at an Episcopal church

Tony Burbreck writes for NBC Charlotte on a sculpture of Jesus as a homeless man sleeping on a park bench that was rejected by some, but is now displayed in Davidson, NC:

From a distance, especially at dusk, you would swear the sculpture is a real-life homeless man sleeping on a bench in front of the church….A closer look reveals it is bronze, not flesh and bone.

Crucifixion marks in the feet offer the only clue to the man’s identity on the sculpture itself. A plaque next to it shows the “Homeless Jesus,” title and that the inspiration came from a passage in Matthew: 25.

“It’s Jesus representing the most marginalized of society,” said Rev. Doctor David E. Buck, the rector at St. Alban’s….

“We’re reminded of what our ultimate calling is as Christians, as people of faith, to do what we can individually and systematically to eliminate homelessness,” Buck said, “Part of a faith commitment is to care or the needy.”

The work includes room to sit on the bench, which makes it interactive.

The website includes a video story.

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