Hounding homosexuals in Uganda

The Anglican Church in Uganda, awash in money donated by the American right has yet to speak out against the peresecution of LGBT Ugandans. Archbishop Henry Orombi and his allies advance what they believe is a faith rooted in Scripture. But nothing in Scripture justifies the sort of treatment described in this story from Religion Dispatches.

A few weeks earlier the Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone (not associated with the American publication) printed the identities and addresses of 100 known or suspected gays and lesbians under the headline, “Hang Them; They Are After Our Kids!!”

Startled awake, Yiga discovers that not only has he never seen these men before, but that they’re anything but friends. “By the time she called me, they were already all over the house searching for any gay information… They ordered me to sit down and started lecturing me.”

Calling themselves “concerned citizens,” the gang ransacked Yiga’s desk confiscating all documents related to his LGBT work, and then cleaned out his wallet and stole the family’s money.

When they demanded that Yiga tell them how many “homos” live in Uganda he replied, angrily, “More than you could think, Even your wife, plus the maid and all your kids are gay.” One of the men then spat on Yiga and shouted, “You are a curse and deserve to die!”

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