How religious does Christmas need to be?

My husband has three wonderful grown children, none of whom profess any religious belief, God bless ’em. They’ve produced some beautiful grandchildren for us. During this Christmas season, I wrestle a little over whether it’s OK to nudge these angels toward at least some understanding of the Biblical foundations of the holiday. Am I overstepping to send the grandkids Nativity sets or picture books depicting the Holy Family?

On Christmas Eve, can I suggest taking a grandchild to a family service at a local church? Is it wrong to want to introduce a few carols that don’t involve Santa Claus? As an Episcopalian, I am decidedly not pushy about any of this but each year I find it a bit of a struggle.

So I was interested in this discussion at Huffington Post about religious and not-so-religious approaches to Christmas. This is a fun, respectful and enlightening discussion. I welcome your thoughts.


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