I am glad I agree with the Anglican Scotist…

… because I don’t think I could best him in an argument.

Here he lays out the biblical case for gay unions with erudition, conviction and clarity.

Here is an excerpt:

1. Christ was resurrected in the flesh, and will exist in the world to come.

2. In the world to come, members of the Church will be resurrected, male and female, in the flesh.

3. In the world to come, the members of the Church will bear a new real, reciprocal relation to Christ; call it R.

4. Here below, marriage should be modeled on R.

5. R obtains between males: for instance, Christ and each blessed male.

6. As R obtains between males (from 5), and marriage is to be modeled on R (from 4), marriage may obtain between males.

The only step orthodox conservatives on the right should balk at is the conclusion, (6). Every other step is grounded in the Bible-qua canonical narrative. True, various left wingers from different TEC factions would balk at one or another of the premises; that’s fine. They are not the intended audience, though they are free to listen in if they wish.

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