I love to tell the story …

Alban Institute discusses the importance of sharing the Christian story – from the earliest days of the followers of Jesus to our experience of the story today:

When I find myself feeling disillusioned about Sunday mornings I often wonder when worship as celebration became “going to church” as an act of obedience that appeases God. If we approach worship, Bible reading, participation in rituals, financial donation, or other “religious activities” as attempts to win God’s favor, they become magic, every bit as much as dancing around a fire chanting incantations on moonlit nights. If, on the other hand, we approach these practices as ways to spend time with God, then we are involved in relationship.

It is more important than ever that we know and share our tradition. The risen Christ is actually present in the telling of the Christian story. It is essential that we tell the story—not talk about the story, not give directives based on the story, not modify or abridge the story—but tell the story. We need to tell the story with our words, through our relationships, and in our actions, and to trust its power as a vehicle of Christ’s presence.

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