Idol Chatter about the Golden Compass

The movie of Philip Pullman’s book, The Golden Compass, will be released in December. Beliefnet’s entertainment blog Idol Chatter has created a Golden Compass category. Go here to see the series of posts. They are studded with links. This recent post includes videos of an interview with the author.

In the latest post Kris Rasmussen writes,

I suggest you read fantasy author Jeffrey Overstreet’s anaylsis, in which he describes in detail his respect for Pullman’s writing while pointing out that with Pullman’s anti-religion bias, he still never has the courage to deal with the true nature of Christ himself.

You could also check out critic Peter Chattaway’s take on the movie, where he discusses how there have been complaints that movie has been dumbed down so that it wouldn’t be so anti-religious–and that has inflamed the secularist group Pullman belongs to.

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