Inclusive Church to try to count gay and lesbian clergy in C of E

As part of a growing response in the Church of England to the recent essay by the Archbishop of Canterbury about the actions of General Convention, an English group committed to full inclusion is planning to try to determine the number of GLBT clergy in that country.

According to the Guardian:

“The online survey will ask participants whether they are single, in a relationship, and have had a blessing or thanksgiving service to celebrate their partnership. They will also be asked what position they hold and which part of the country they work in.

The Rev Canon Giles Goddard, rector of St Peter’s , Walworth, in London and chair of Inclusive Church, said: ‘It’s very early days but we need realistic information on how many LGBT clergy there are. It’s about demonstrating to people that we’re here and we need to be respected and recognised. We want to play our full role in the life of the church.

‘Those who are in partnerships shouldn’t have to hide it. But we are not going to out anyone. Any personal information will remain confidential – we would withhold details that might reveal someone’s identity, that could make them vulnerable.'”

Read the full article here.

Canon Goddard’s essay on Daily Episcopalian this morning gives a bit more background to the story and helps put this survey into context.

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