Initial reaction

The statement from Bishop Jefferts Schori, et. al. today regarding alternative oversight strikes me as a promising development.

I believe that the divisions in the Anglican Communion are pervasive, rather than province-specific. Every jurisdiction in the Communion will sooner or later have to either repress or make accommodations for theological minorities. It seems to me preferable to work toward such accommodations within the existing provincial structure, if that is possible, rather than staging a “devil take the hindmost” scramble that might result in global realignment, but might also result in some of our smaller, poorer provinces collapsing or falling under the control of secular rulers, powerful donors, etc. This proposal suggests how the Communion might move in that direction.

Elsewhere: Sarah Dylan Breuer has a thoughtful response, and Integrity’s release makes the salient point that the secretary general of the Anglican Communion was involved in the meeting that produced this proposal.

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