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Two more responses to the Presiding Bishops pastoral letter to the Episcopal Church. One from Integrity and one from the Chicago Consultation.



“The Presiding Bishop’s pastoral letter to the church was a faithful and forceful response for ALL who want to stop the ‘baby’ of Anglican comprehensiveness from being thrown out with the ‘bathwater’ of reactionary homophobia,” said Integrity’s Immediate Past President Susan Russell. “I applaud her willingness to continue to state exactly where we are as a church today.”

“The season of Pentecost is a time to hear and listen to all voices, not just those with whom we agree,” said Louise Brooks, Integrity’s Director of Communications. “At General Convention 2009, our church took a valiant and brave step forward to state that it will no longer allow the lives and vocations of the LGBT faithful to be bargaining chips in global Anglican politics. The Presiding Bishop has made that very clear in her pastoral letter.”

Brooks continued, “In a press conference the day before the Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool was consecrated a Bishop Suffragan in this church, the Presiding Bishop told Integrity that she will continue to work toward reconciliation with those who disagree with us. Integrity promises to partner with the Presiding Bishop in that goal.”

“We urge all those who appreciate the presiding Bishop’s letter to write her and thank her for her willingness to speak out. Her email address is: ,” concluded Brooks.

Chicago Consultation:


CHICAGO, IL, June 4, 2010: The Chicago Consultation’s spokesperson and co-convener, the Rev. Lowell Grisham, released this statement today in response to the Presiding Bishop’s Pentecost letter:

“The Chicago Consultation applauds Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori for her pastoral letter to the Episcopal Church in this season of Pentecost and thanks her for her leadership of our ‘broad and inclusive tent,’ said Grisham.

“In her letter, the Presiding Bishop has defended with grace and clarity our Church’s profound and evolving desire to accept gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Christians as full members of the Body of Christ. She has reminded Anglicans who seek to exert authority over other provinces within the Communion that true Anglicanism requires otherwise. And with gracious restraint she has explained why it is godly to honor the customs of indigenous Americans in our liturgy.

“Above all, the Presiding Bishop has soundly rejected the argument that the Anglican Communion can best be held together by breaking faith with its gay and lesbian members. In rejecting this false choice, the Presiding Bishop stands as a witness to all Episcopalians that we need not fear where God is leading us as we endeavor to do justice and seek true communion.”

The Chicago Consultation, a group of Episcopal and Anglican bishops, clergy and lay people, supports the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion. To learn more about the Chicago Consultation, visit

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