“Intentional Discipleship in a World of Differences”: ACC 2016 declines to enforce ‘consequences’ issued by primates

Episcopal News Service reports that the Anglican Consultative Council passed 44 resolutions in a new up-down voting session, dubbed the ‘consent calendar’. The consent calendar allows for quick yes-no votes on issues, without debate.

Passed resolutions encompassed a wide diversity of issues, from climate change to church abuse of minors, but had a heavy emphasis on the theme of the meeting, which was “Intentional Discipleship in a World of Differences”

To the theme, a resolution calling for a season-long focus on intentional discipleship passed, as did resolution C34, which acknowledges the Archbishop’s report from the primates’ gathering and affirms the decision to walk together, specifically charging the Council “to continue to seek appropriate ways for the provinces of the Anglican Communion to walk together with each other and with the primates and other Instruments of Communion.”

A second resolution on the same topic was withdrawn without a vote. The second resolution, C35, called for the council to “welcome” the primates’ statement. Archbishop Welby told the ACC that he hoped it would be withdrawn, as the first resolution covered everything important.

Welby stressed the many things that unite the Communion, but asserted he wasn’t going to skirt around human sexuality issues in the future.

From the article:

In the future, Welby said, “When I talk to people I am going to be honest. Let’s never pretend that things are other than they are. We are not entirely united on the issues around human sexuality. We have profound and important divisions among us. It’s clear what has been the majority opinion among us. It’s also very clear that, when it comes to criminalization, that we are deeply committed to combating that in every place where we find it and not supporting those who support it.”

Were you still confused about the primates’ request? If so, does this clarify the issue for you?

Still from video of Archbishop Welby speaking to the ACC-16 about his future approach to issues with sexuality

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