Inviting Africa’s Anglicans to gather under a bigger tent

Sharon La Franiere of The New York Times has written a moving profile of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane in the lead up to the Primates Meetingin Dar es Sallaam.

A bit:

He said he could not understand why a debate over homosexuality had sidetracked what he saw as the church’s true mission in Africa: confronting AIDS, poverty, war and famine.

“I wonder if somebody could calculate how much money is being spent on these meetings, which deal with one issue and one issue only, when we have 48 million orphans?” he asked. “Whose agenda is this? Definitely in my view, this is not God’s agenda.” Nor is it the average Anglican’s agenda, he said. “I interact with people on the ground. They don’t care about the lifestyles of the people in America.”

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