IRD revises forecast for the Communion

The Institute for Religion & Democracy has lowered its expectations:

This strife within the third largest family of Christian churches worldwide will not conclude in decisive schism. Instead, liberal and conservative Anglicans will continue to realize a de-facto separation over time.

This represents a substantial change from its long standing prediction that end was near:

The Anglican Communion has foundered and is ready to sink beneath the waves….

“Humanely speaking there is little hope for even a peaceful separation,” Bishop Venables noted. A split had already taken place, he said, adding that the best course was to work out the terms of the “divorce.”

Rather than divorce, the image that now comes to mind is separate bedrooms. Except there was never a marriage to begin with. The provinces of the communion are autonomous and self governing; to think otherwise is to utterly misapprehend the ethos of Anglicanism.

The IRD “is a watchdog of the religious and evangelical left, disputing their claims to represent millions of church members when espousing a liberal or far-left political agenda.”

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