Is Batman an Episcopalian? fills you in on the religious preference of your favorite comic book hero.

The emphasis of this page is on fictional characters who originated as comic book characters. Of course real-life people such as Pope John Paul II, St. Francis of Assisi, and Mother Teresa have been depicted in comic books (Marvel published one-shot comics about these prominent Catholics), but such people are not listed here. This page focuses on fictional comic book characters who are adherents of real-world (not purely fictional) religions.

Some Top Super-Heroes and their religion



Batman———-Episcopalian/Catholic (lapsed)

Wonder Woman—-Greco-Roman Classical Religion

Aquaman———Greco-Roman Classical Religion

The Hulk———Catholic (lapsed)

Captain America—Protestant

Invisible Woman—Episcopalian




Hawkman———Egyptian classical religion

The Thing——–Jewish

The Atom———Jewish (lapsed)

Zatanna———-Dianic Wiccan

Elektra———–Greek Orthodox

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