Is the Communion too much bother?

The Church Times asks this question in its lead editorial, and suggests that the answer may be: Yes.

“The key benefit of belonging to an international communion is the opportunity it gives for the generous exchange of gifts and ideas among different cultures. If the factions in Anglicanism don’t recognise Christ in each other – and for every Nigerian who wants to expel the “Global North”, there is someone who wants nothing more to do with truculent African Primates – the game is not worth the candle.”

In the same issue, the Rev. Giles Fraser offers his take on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s new plan for a Communion-defining covenant:

The fear that many have goes something like this: sick and tired of the conflict generated by those who recognise gay relationships as having the potential to reflect the glory of God, he is proposing a Church where all controversial theology would have to be cleared with everybody else. This would be a Church where prophecy was impossible. It wouldn’t be a biblical Church: it would be a stagnant pond.

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