Is the future of the church in disorganized religion?

Why are even the Baptists back on their heals when it comes to church health? Gary Hamel says it’s because organized religion has a management problem:

Fact is, organized religion hasn’t been doing too well recently, at least not in the developed world.

Think about General Motors, Sony, Motorola, United Airlines, AOL, Yahoo, Sears, Starbucks—how have these companies been doing in recent years? Not too well. And not just because of the recession, but because they got stuck in the mud; they fell in love with status quo.

Religion won’t regain its relevance until church leaders chip off these calcified layers, rediscover their sense of mission, and set themselves free to reinvent “church” for a new age.

Doing this is going to take a management revolution. Back in the first century, the Christian church was organic, communal and mostly free of ritual—and it needs to become so again—as does every organization, public or private, large or small.

So, how do you “decalcify” an organization?

Read it all at Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0.

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