J.K. Rowling’s giving drops her from billionaires list

J.K. Rowling, creator of the 15 billion dollar Harry Potter franchise was for a time one of the wealthiest authors in the world. But she’s given so much of her wealth away to charity over the past few years that she’s dropped off the list that Forbes keeps of the world’s richest people.

“Naturally, none of this likely bothers Rowling, who from the beginning has made giving back a priority for her wealth. 


“You have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently,” she said in a past interview. 


That giving includes supporting organizations linked to poverty, multiple sclerosis, children’s welfare and illiteracy. Three books that she has written for charity — “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” “Quidditch Through the Ages” and “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” — have raised almost $30 million for various initiatives. “

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However, unless she steps up her giving this year, she’s likely to rejoin the list. The money is coming in faster than she can give it away. Bless her for trying though!

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