Jack Kenny has a blog

Jack Kenny, creator of The Book of Daniel, has a blog of his own on TV Guide’s site.

Here is an excerpt:

I (apparently naively) thought that this show would be embraced by most Christians. It’s ironic to me that the accusation has been that the show “demeans” and “mocks” Christianity when the intention was always the opposite: to treat the Christian beliefs of the Webster family as second nature. As a gay man (or “practicing homosexual,” according to the AFA website — though I’m absolutely not practicing anymore, but have actually gotten quite good at it, thank you very much), I’ve always longed for gay characters for whom sexual orientation was not the defining feature but was simply… there. A policeman who happened also to be gay. A truck driver. A lawyer. Not the characteristic that informs their every line and movement, but second nature. Like their hair color or height or the fact that they don’t like pastrami. And that’s what I’ve tried to do with the Websters.

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