James Taylor issues FB plea for ‘Fire & Rain’ church

A little Episcopal church that dubs itself “The James Taylor Church” because it’s been damaged by fire and rain has garnered attention from the singer himself, who is using his Facebook page to help raise money to restore its historic pipe organ. Taylor posted this week, “St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Jeffersonville IN is now known as the “James Taylor church,” since it’s been hit by both fire and rain! St Paul’s is trying to raise money to restore their pipe organ after several floods and a fire. Click here to find out more: http://cjky.it/WKFGjg

From the Courier-Journal:

Members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Jeffersonville (Ind.) have begun an online fundraising campaign in which they refer to it as the “James Taylor” church — one that has been hit by both fire and rain as Taylor wrote in his 1970 tune.

The small congregation recently restored the 118-year-old, Victorian-style building, 321 E. Market St., from residual damage that followed floods in 1937, 2007 and 2009, as well as a 1981 fire.

It’s now looking for public support in raising money to help fund the last piece of the restoration: a pipe organ.

The Rev. Donald Hill, the church’s co-pastor, said in a Dec. 22 news release that its original pipe organ from 1894 was destroyed by the Great Flood of 1937. The 1981 fire destroyed its replacement organ and parish hall and damaged its sanctuary.

“We have unexpectedly been given a pipe organ to complete our restoration efforts — but it will cost $45,000 to disassemble, move and install it in our church,” Hill said.

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