Jesus as ‘Man of Steel?’ (billed as “The stuff you use – to fill the pews!”) is encouraging churches to tap into excitement over this summer’s “Man of Steel” movie release, and has a created a “pastor resource site” to help with that. After all, they say:

Jesus isn’t a superhero from another planet. He is fully God and fully man, living in solidarity with us amidst our suffering.

The parallels to Superman as depicted in MAN OF STEEL are hard to miss. At a critical juncture in the film, as Kal-El is struggling with his identity, whether he should live life as a “normal” human or as the otherworldly hero he was called to be, Jor-El tells him: “You are as much a child of Earth as you are of Krypton. “ Jor-El did not just send his son to earth to save him from Kryton’s destruction, but for a far loftier purpose.

The movie opens June 14. If you’re inclined to weave Superman’s saga into your parish life this summer, check out the sermon outlines, video clips, images and more, here. Registration (at no charge) is required.

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