John-David Schofield writes Katharine Jefferts Schori

And his fellow bishops. Read it all here (pdf). [For the moment available here in html.]

It doesn’t start off well:

The Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schori….

That would be Katharine, not Katherine.

John-David tenders his resignation from the House of Bishops. (Didn’t he already do that?). Does that end the need for action by the House of Bishop’s? Does it close the case on the charge of abandonment of communion? We don’t think so. (Afterall, the inhibition came after his earlier resignation.)

Readers, let us know what you think.

Added Thursday evening. From ELO:

Schofield sent a letter, dated March 1, to Jefferts Schori, resigning from TEC’s House of Bishops. It was unclear if the letter would have any effect on the House of Bishops’ deliberations.

“Rather than force the House of Bishops to a vote, I herewith tender my resignation as a member of the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church effective midnight EST, March 7, 2008,” Schofield said in the letter.

“The Episcopal Church and Bishop [Jefferts] Schori will remain in my prayers and the prayers of all parishes and missions in the Diocese of San Joaquin. The door of reconciliation will always be open,” he added.

Schofield also asserted that “I am a bishop in the House of Bishops of the Southern Cone and I am the Bishop of the Diocese of San Joaquin. The Episcopal Church has no jurisdiction or authority to affect my status in any of these capacities.”

Schofield was not in the office on March 6, said the Rev. Van McAlister, a spokesperson for the diocese, McAlister confirmed that Schofield had sent a letter of resignation to the House of Bishops.

“The letter will be posted on the diocesan website any time now,” McAlister said. He added that Schofield wrote it “because he felt like it was important to provide a formal response and he wanted to have that response out there before people wasted a lot of time on it at the House of Bishops.”

Neva Rae Fox, a spokesperson for Jefferts Schori, said the Presiding Bishop’s Office had not yet received the letter by the afternoon of March 6.

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