Knit along at General Convention

UPDATED: more info on project

The Seaman’s Institute is sponsoring a “Knit Along” at General Convention. Christmas at Sea (CAS) project knits gifts for searfarers:

Saturday night CAS is hosting a knit-along at Mass Ave. Knit Shop (on Virginia Ave, go figure), and I’m looking forward to having so many CAS knitters and crocheters in one spot at one time.

From the Rev. Kay Flores, Wyoming Deputy:

Christmas at Sea has a booth at GC, and the project they are working on is 1200 tiny mariner’s caps. There are kits available at the booth – 12 yards of yarn, instructions, and a card for the knitter to sign.

In November, CASwill put the TEAny caps on 1200 bottles of Tazo? tea at 4 Starbucks in New Jersey. The signed cards will draw attention to the program and to the needs of mariners who spend so much time away from home in the business of delivering the products we need, want, use.

Plus the hats are just cute and quick.


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