Krister Stendahl, April 15, 2008

From Harvard Divinity School:

To the HDS community–

It is with immense sadness, but also with immense thankfulness for a singular life wonderfully well-lived, that I write to inform you that Krister Stendahl, our beloved friend, teacher, colleague, and former Dean, died this morning. A funeral service is planned for Friday morning at University Lutheran Church, and a memorial service to be held at Harvard’s Memorial Church is being planned for sometime in May. Details on that University event and on other chances to recall, celebrate, and honor Krister will be communicated as soon as we know them, by email as well as on the HDS website. Please keep all of the Stendahl family in your thoughts and prayers.


William A. Graham,


Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) mourns the death of Krister Stendahl, a leader in support for women in religion and ministry, bishop of the Lutheran Church of Sweden and former Dean of Harvard Divinity School.

Harvard Divinity School reports … the death of its beloved former Dean Krister Stendahl… Many on this list knew him personally and others read his work. His contributions were many, especially his support for women in religion and ministry. He was a WATER supporter over the years and encouraging of our work. May his spirit inspire others to follow his example. With gratitude for this good man.

Last year Stendahl published Why I Love the Bible – read it here

UPDATE: A memorial service and celebration of the life and legacy of Krister Stendahl will be held May 16, 2 p.m. at Harvard’s Memorial Church.

UPDATE: April 16

Harvard Divinity School obituary.

New York Times remembers Kirster Stendahl.

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