Kunonga scorns ABC visit.

Deposed Bishop Nolbert Kunonga is unhappy that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, is coming to Zimbabwe.

Kunonga talking points are as follows: he is not a puppet of the Mugabe regime, and that Williams is coming to Zimbabwe to spread colonialism and to promote homosexuality.

The deposed bishop, who has called in the police to clear Anglican churches of clerics and people he dislikes told The Zimbabwe Guardian:

Archbishop Kunonga said Dr Williams was a nonentity and was coming to lobby for homosexuality.

“The Anglican Church is a political organisation when it is in England. Rowan William was appointed by the Queen and the Prime Minister and he is a civil servant of Britain.

“In a political and economic environment, the civil servant represents and symbolises with his State.

“He is a diplomat like Charles Ray (US Ambassador). He is coming to represent neo-colonialism. He is coming to lobby for homosexuality and for him it is a timely move as we are making our Constitution,” he said.

NewZimbabwe.com writes:

Archbishop Williams is set to meet President Robert Mugabe on his visit, but no dates have been confirmed.

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe split in 2007, and ever since, there have been violent clashes between worshippers loyal to Kunonga – who has praised Mugabe as a “prophet from God” – and Chad Gandiya, the rival Bishop of Harare.

Kunonga was excommunicated after being accused of inciting violence in sermons supporting Mugabe’s Zanu PF party, although he insists he split from the Anglican Church because of its position on gay marriage….

…Thought to enjoy the protection of Mugabe loyalists in the police, he has taken over the main Harare cathedral and church bank accounts.

Last week, Bishop Gandiya accused Kunonga of seizing mission schools and priests’ homes on the church premises near Murewa, some 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of the capital, Harare. The properties seized include an orphanage with 80 children.

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